Transfer Credit

The transfer policies of the University of Indianapolis are as follows
  1. Credit earned through courses taken at other regionally accredited colleges or universities is transferable to the University of Indianapolis. Courses are evaluated individually, and a course is accepted if a grade of C- or better has been earned and if the course is applicable to a program of study offered at UIndy. (The following exceptions should be noted: basic writing and English composition are transferable only if a grade of C or above has been earned. In addition, some academic programs require C or above grades in all major courses. Any course with a grade below a C would not be transferable into these programs, though the course may be transferable as general elective credit.)
  2. Transfer credit is awarded only for courses that have traditional letter grades (e.g., A, B, C) or have grades or scores that are certified on the transcript as representing a grade of C- or above.
  3. Transfer credit is only granted to courses that are at the 100-level or above.
  4. No transfer credit is granted for credit that another college or university has awarded for placement or proficiency examinations or for self-acquired competencies.
  5. No official evaluation of transfer credit will be made until the student has applied, but the transfer admissions coordinator or academic advisors will discuss general issues of transfer credit with any student or prospective student.
  6. An academic advisor or the program director in each academic unit evaluates transfer work in cooperation with the deans and chairs. Credit awarded in transfer for one program may not apply to another program; therefore, the transfer work will be reevaluated if the student changes majors.
  7. Transfer credit appears on a student’s academic record, and the hours are included in the student’s earned hours. Grades are not transferable and will not appear on the student’s record or be calculated into the grade point average.
  8. A currently enrolled student with a grade point average of 2.0 or above may petition the academic advisor for his or her major to enroll in courses at other regionally accredited colleges or universities and to have the credit transferred to the University of Indianapolis. Petition forms for making such a request are available in the Center for Advising & Student Achievement and the Office of the Registrar. These forms must be submitted and approved by the academic advisor prior to enrollment at the other college or university. Any transfer course to be used to fulfill a course requirement in a major or minor also must be approved by the dean or department chair of the appropriate school or department.

Transfer Credit - International Students

Transcripts for work completed at colleges or universities located outside of the United States should be evaluated by World Education Services or other authorized evaluation service. The academic advisors, using these evaluations, apply credit appropriately. Applications for requesting evaluation services by WES are available from the Office of Admissions or the International Division.

International students who have attended an institution holding a special articulation agreement with the University of Indianapolis should submit official transcripts directly to the University for evaluation.

English as a Second Language (ESL) credit earned from other colleges and universities may not be applied toward the University’s freshman English courses (ENGL-100 or ENGL-101). International students who speak English as a second language may be required to enroll in and complete ENGL-100 Basic Writing class prior to enrollment in ENGL-101.

Correspondence Courses

Students are permitted to transfer correspondence credit from other regionally accredited institutions. A student planning to take a correspondence course must have the course approved by his or her faculty or academic advisor in advance. Transfer approval forms, also used for correspondence credit approval, are available in the Center for Advising and Student Achievement and in the Office of the Registrar.

Military Service Credit

Service personnel and veterans may receive credit for DANTES and CLEP examinations (see Credit by Examination) and military training and experience. The amount of credit for military courses and experience is based on recommendations by the American Council on Education. Individuals who are eligible for such credit should submit official military or testing transcripts. (See the registrar for additional information about appropriate forms to be submitted.)

In addition to credit for courses and examinations, a veteran with one year of service experience may receive credit for KINS-101 Wellness and Fitness for a Lifetime and KINS-320 General Safety by submitting copies of the DD-214 (Report of Discharge) to the registrar.

Articulation Agreements

Information on current Articulation Agreements between the University of Indianapolis and partner institutions can be viewed here.