Request for Replacement Diploma

note: Replacement diplomas will be issued only in the event that the original is lost, stolen or destroyed

Ordering a Replacement Diploma

A written request from the student is required to release a replacement diploma. The University will not accept an email or telephone request.

Complete the Following Steps to Order a Replacement Diploma.

1 Complete the Replacement Diploma Form and mail or fax it to Office of the Registrar, 1400 East Hanna Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46227; Fax: 317-788-3254.

2 Pay the replacement fee in one of the following ways:

note: To receive a replacement of your diploma, you must complete the request form, pay the replacement fee and all financial obligations to the University must be met. This includes fees or fines owed to the Accounting Office, Campus Police, Library and Health Center. If you have any past balance due with any of these offices, there will be a 'hold' on your record and we will not be able to issue your replacement diploma.