Repeating a Course

Students may repeat a course under the following guidelines

  1. When repeating a course, only the second grade is computed into the grade point average. The grade and hours for the first course are no longer calculated into the person's academic record, and the first course cannot be used to fulfill any requirements, even in those cases in which the grade in the first course is higher than the second.
  2. A course must be repeated prior to taking a sequential course in order for the first grade to be taken out of the grade point average calculation.
  3. Students can earn credit only once for a course; they cannot earn duplicate credit for repeated courses. (Exceptions to this policy are noted in course descriptions, such as those for special topics courses.)
  4. All courses taken and all grades earned are recorded on the student's permanent record with appropriate notations.

It is the student's responsibility to note on the registration form that a course is being repeated. Failure to do so may result in subsequent problems with meeting degree requirements.