Final Exam Schedule

Final exams are given in the 16th week of the regular semester. The general final exam grid can be used to determine when exam times will be scheduled based on the meeting days and times of a course. General Final Exam Grid Detailed Final Exam Schedule

A two hour final examination period is required for all full-term classes and scheduled according to the general final exam grid listed above. Some classes, including Nursing classes and classes that do not start at one of the designated times listed on the general final exam grid, will be scheduled on an individual basis. Students with conflicts must consult with their instructors to make arrangements to take one of the final exams at another time.

The following are standard practices regarding final exam scheduling:

  • No undergraduate exams are scheduled on Friday of finals week.

  • No undergraduate final exams will be given before exam week.

  • Any instructor offering an exam during finals week must offer the exam at the official time scheduled by the Registrar’s Office. An instructor may request a second/additional exam time, but this does not replace the officially scheduled time.