Verification of Enrollment

The University of Indianapolis has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment verification certificates through its secure Web-based Student Self-Service portal. The National Student Clearinghouse is a non-profit organization serving higher education. Privacy and confidentiality of student information, as outlined in the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), is strictly adhered to.

The Clearinghouse Student Self-Service portal provides the following services 24/7 and free of charge:

  1. Print enrollment verification certificates to send to health insurers, housing providers or other organizations requiring proof of your enrollment.
  2. View enrollment information that may have been provided to a student services provider.
  3. View the electronic notification and deferment forms that have been sent to your lenders.
  4. View a list of your lenders and real-time student loan information detail, such as outstanding principal balance and next payment due date, that some lenders provide.

Accessing the Clearinghouse via My UIndy:

  1. Log into My UIndy using your My UIndy username and password
  2. Click on the Students tab
  3. Next click on the My Student Info link located beneath Student Tools
  4. Click on the Enrollment Verification link under General Info
  5. Read the information provided and then click on the Continue button (Note: this will take you to the National Student Clearinghouse secure Student Self-Service website)
  6. Select Current Enrollment and then click on the Obtain an Enrollment Certificate link - your enrollment certificate will appear as a PDF, which you can print out and save

Accessing the Clearinghouse via Self-Service:

  1. Log into Self-Service using your Student ID number (your "A" number) and your PIN.
  2. Click on the Student tab
  3. Click Student Records
  4. Click Enrollment Verification
  5. Click the Continue button (this will take you to the National Student Clearinghouse secure Student Self-Service website)
  6. Select Current Enrollment and then click on the Obtain an Enrollment Certificate link - your enrollment certificate will appear as a PDF, which you can print out and save

For further information or assistance, please contact Kathy Elliott at 317-788-3504, or

For assistance with the Clearinghouse Student-Self Service portal please contact the Clearinghouse at (703) 742-4200.

Please Note: The National Student Clearinghouse is acting as the University of Indianapolis' agent for providing enrollment verification data to such agencies as third-party verifiers, credit card companies and credit approval agencies. These third parties should contact the National Student Clearinghouse at 703-742-4200 or email for assistance.

An enrolled student may elect not to have their information shared under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Please complete the Confidentiality of Student Records form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar. (The restriction is effective from the submission date forward.) The e-mail address would continue to be available to administrators on campus who have a need-to-know, such as an instructor who needs to communicate with students.

Student Enrollment Status
Student status is an important concept for financial aid eligibility (for both initial awards and repayment requirements), intercollegiate athletic participation, and health and life insurance eligibility. Students who initially  enroll full-time should contact the Financial Aid office with
questions about the consequences of dropping to part-time status.

Student status (full-time or part-time) is calculated on the number of hours of enrollment for the term. The University defines full-time status for undergraduate students according to the following guidelines:

Semester I or II ..........................Enrollment in 12 or more hours.
Spring Term ...............................Enrollment in 3 or more hours.
Summer Session ......................Enrollment in a total of 12 hours.

A student falling below these guidelines at any time during the semester or session is considered part-time.

Graduate students are considered full-time when enrolled in nine or more hours.

Regular Full-Time Semester Load
Full-time students who plan to complete degree requirements in the prescribed time (four years for a baccalaureate degree and two years for an associate degree) should register for 15 to 18 hours each regular semester (Semester I and II). Students earning fewer than 15 to18 hours or those needing remedial (noncredit) courses will be able to complete degree requirements in the normal time only by taking additional hours during the regular semesters or summer school or earning hours through examination.

Semester load restrictions are placed on students who are on academic probation or who have been admitted as special undergraduates (SPU). Restrictions are removed when the student raises his or her grade point average to an acceptable level. (Students admitted as special undergraduates should consult the Special Student brochure for enrollment guidelines.) Students who have load restrictions should plan to attend summer school or additional semesters in order to complete degree requirements.

Credit hours above 18 in a given semester are considered overload. An additional fee is charged for all hours above 18 (not including half-credit-hour classes).