Duplicate Diplomas

Duplicate Diploma Policy

To review the University's Duplicate Diploma Policy, please click here.

Ordering a Duplicate Diploma

A written request from the student is required to release a duplicate diploma. The University will not accept an email or telephone request.

Complete the Following Steps to Order a Duplicate Diploma.

1 Complete the Duplicate Diploma Form and mail or fax it to Office of the Registrar, 1400 East Hanna Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46227; Fax: 317-788-3254.

2 Pay the associated fee in one of the following ways:

3 Please allow 2 weeks for processing. You will be notified by email when your duplicate diploma has been mailed or is ready to be picked up.

note: To receive a duplicate of your diploma, you must complete the request form, pay the associated fee and satisfy all financial obligations to the University, which includes but is not limited to: fees or fines owed to the Accounting Office, Campus Police, Library, and Health Center. If you have any past balance due with any of these offices, there will be a 'hold' on your record and we will not be able to issue your duplicate diploma.